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Idea: PvP in PvE Generated Environments with goals.

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Idea: PvP in PvE Generated Environments with goals.

Clyric's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 02:59 PM | #1
I just had a thought that a PVP / PVE Hybrid system is totally possible with this game.

It would go something like this. I'm in a group of 4 generally around level 30. I go to the "random PvE instance generator and my party size and make up determine the missions I can choose.

Let's say the background story for the mission is a "Boarding a vessel in space and blowing it up". So off we go into someone's ship, fly to the mission, and board.

Into the PvE generated instance with it's unique goals. Goals could be like finding the place where the bombs need to be planted, with kill bonuses, etc.

At some generic set point (depending on how tough the mission is, etc), opposing faction players can be dispatched to the same PvE instance to "Repel the attack". It could use the same balancing criteria as the current PvP system, and basically - it's on.

PvP in a PvE enviroment, randomly generated, - little mini episodes with goals, etc. Players could "make stands" near - champion level mobs, etc. Really put the enviroment to good use.

Just a thought