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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)

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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

StephenReid's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 10:05 AM | #241
As you can see from recent posts by Chris Schmidt and now by Cameron Winston, the combat team has heard the feedback given here and elsewhere.

Read Cameron's post for more info.

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01.10.2012 , 11:39 AM | #242
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
As you can see from recent posts by Chris Schmidt and now by Cameron Winston, the combat team has heard the feedback given here and elsewhere.

Read Cameron's post for more info.
Thank you so much guys. SWTOR has, overall, been a remarkable experience with this being one of the few incongruities. My only gripe is that after it's fixed new Jedi Knight 50's won't appreciate the MAD SKILLZ it took some of us to defeat the original encounter

I want to add, if the Centering/Fury stack count could be integrated with the HP & focus bars, it would be a beautiful thing.

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01.10.2012 , 11:44 AM | #243
I need to get it down before the nerf now. I've spent a fair few hours over 2 days trying to get him down ad I've gotten pretty close. Hopefully my gear will be a little improved before the nerf so I can finally down him solo.
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01.10.2012 , 12:32 PM | #244
I completed this quest at level 48. After an hour or so of messing with trash and an eventual mad suicide run into the temple only to find more trash. I found this to be really tedious with T7, who wasn't super geared but he wasn't horrible either as I used him up until I got doc, but he's a squishy little tin can. I eventually just got frustrated and got my bf to come heal me.

Overall I have really enjoyed my JK and I loved the class storyline, I miss it actually. I wanted to take my time to level for several reasons but I found myself blasting through areas just so I could keep the story going. Sadly now I am 50 and stuck in the daily quest hell grind waiting for more guildies to hit 50 for raids and such. Plus the multitude of alts I've been working on as well.

Araxus's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 01:36 PM | #245
Hello all. Finished this quest last night. Im in almost full pvp epics, with a moddable helm and mainhand saber. Wiped the first 3 times. T7 only lasted the first round. Trick to beating the encounter is losing him and his adds with the pillars.

Watchmen spec helps alot too.

Felaed's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 01:56 PM | #246
You + Companion medpac trivializes this fight completely.

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01.10.2012 , 02:30 PM | #247
Quote: Originally Posted by Felaed View Post
You + Companion medpac trivializes this fight completely.
What is a companion medpac and how does it trivialize this fight? I hope you aren't just talking about the medpacs that heal you and your companion. I rather doubt those have a dramatic enough effect.

Bovinity's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 03:24 PM | #248
After reading through this thread I expected a horrible, impossible battle that I would never defeat...

Went there at level 49 as a guardian in level 40 PvP gear and a T7 in level 36 greens and killed him in 2 attempts. He's a caster, the designers put Line-of-sight points in the room, it's a fairly well done encounter all around I thought. It just requires you to be on the ball.

theothersteve's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 03:30 PM | #249
To be fair, I haven't even tried the proper fight. It might not be so bad; I'm good at the sort of things people are describing. My problem is that I died ten times on trash and called it a night.

Tinasa's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 03:30 PM | #250
To say I am mildly dissapointed is an understatement.

This fight is impossible. I've nearly gone broke equipping myself and my T7 with gear, medpacs and stims. My T7 is dropping dead before a single one of the first group of adds is defeated.

You know I understood this battle was difficult and it should be. But this is impossible. What a terribly frustrating and annoying end to a fun story.

As a Jedi Knight Sentinel who completed the entire game without need for help, often doing fights multiple times to work out how to win, I find this final fight to be insulting as a player. Now I have to beg for help in order to end my story. What a let down.

That leaves the entire personal story and the most climatic part of it, a complete and utter fail.

Does anyone have a link to something that can help this? This is a bad joke.
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