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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)

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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.09.2012 , 07:07 PM | #231
Quote: Originally Posted by _Ilucide_ View Post
Not as easy when you're a Sentinel and don't have force push, since you have to run 11m away from the mob, then leap back.
I used it fine on my guardian, the big cast you need to look for has a very long cast.

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01.09.2012 , 07:12 PM | #232
trash mobs in temple are insane without Doc, t7 is pointless piece of metal in this quest, do something bioware, you got 24 pages of complains and still did nothing, if you planning to do next content so dumb, this will be without me if you can not even balance one solo quest -_-

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01.09.2012 , 07:58 PM | #233

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01.09.2012 , 09:14 PM | #234
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt View Post
Hey folks!

If you are unable to solo this fight, please give us a bit more information as requested below:


Thanks for your help!
1) No (I read this thread and assumed it would make it easier)
2) Sentinel / Watchman

So I did manage to solo the Emperor as a Sentinel after about 20 attempts and that's after having read many posts about the fight beforehand (such as this thread). My gear was ~ average ilevel 106 (12,000 HP) with reasonable stat allocation and a reasonable spec including Watchguard (6s kick/45s Pacify), Defensive Guard (+1 centering and 2% int/ele damage reduction) and Force Fade (100% immunity Force Camo) and like 5 points in "useless" PvP talents. T7 had ~ avg ilevel 76 gear, I didn't do the puzzle. My gear was mediocre.

I finished the fight with 68 HP. Until that moment I thought this fight was essentially unbeatable or I would have started recording it to help others.

I used no stims and 2 lower level med packs (3k heals each).

This fight absolutely requires using "LOS tricks" and Awe. The fight is too difficult. I think I'm pretty good at this class, I have good key binds, my mouse has lots of buttons and LED lights that change color. I don't remember a single "boss" fight in the class quest line until the emperor, everything else was T7 tanking and then Doc healing face roll.

I tried to imagine how the encounter designers must have intended me to defeat the this without LOS; I don't think it's possible.

As everyone's said you need to use all your interrupts, the 6 second kick isn't enough, you need to use Force Stasis and Force Leap on the Emperor when he casts. When I was vulnerable to damage (when I wasn't LOS'ing) I used all the defensive cooldowns, Saber Ward and Rebuke weren't enough, inevitably I'd make a small mistake (usually when switching pillars) and I had to use Force Camo (if higher health) and Guarded by the Force (at low health) to survive. I don't know if Pacify did any good, but I used it out of habit. To defeat the clones I used Awe when they clumped together by LOS'ing them after spawning, this allowed me to 1 hit kill most of them without taking unsurvivable damage, once it wore off I used defensive CD's and more LOS to take out the rest. To get things off cooldown between phases I played a lot of LOS hide and seek (25-60 seconds). The whole fight took maybe 5 minutes.

I stood on the stairs and sent T7 in tank mode to suicide against the Emperor for the pull, it's essentially a free Awe since all the clones run to him. T7 will always die in P1.

This final quest was an enormous let down for a lot of reasons. The trash using T7 was tedious and infuriating. You can skip some of it and this is the capitol of the Empire, but it takes a while and I think a lot of people will get frustrated on the boss fight and leave, only to have to do it again. I was worried about running out of money on repairs.

For the fight itself, casual and even many experienced players will not be able to beat this solo. If this were a single player game where you could save at the Emperor and make repeated attempts without respawn timers or repair bills or GTN auctions then the difficulty might work, but in an MMO I think most people will spend an hour or so on a solo boss before they give up. When I hit 50 all I wanted to do was do the dailies to gear up, but I was blocked by this atrocious final quest and it made me absolutely livid. I'm guessing the encounter designers wanted the Emperor fight to be epic instead of a simple DPS/interrupt encounter, but this felt more like trying to take down a concrete wall with my fists, even though I succeeded I don't feel like I won anything.

This quest should have been a final test for everything Jedi Knights learned on their journey from 1 to 50, this fight... I don't know what it wanted me to do.

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01.09.2012 , 11:42 PM | #235
Fight Summary

A bit about the fight. The percentages won't be exactly right because this was from observations I had made. The Emperor summons his adds 3 times during the fight. At 100%, 70ish%, and 50-40%. The Emperor will ONLY cast spells that hurt a lot! So you need to constantly watch out for him even while killing his adds. Many people get to the 50% mark and then somehow get one shotted. That is his Force Blast ability. Right after he spawns his 3rd set of clones he will start almost chain casting this ability. If one of these hits you it will most likely result in a frustrating death. This fight is incredibly hard but by no means impossible. It can still be done in legitimate ways without relying on bugs and cowardly tactics!

A Very Detailed Emperor Strategy for Jedi Guardian Defense Specced

First Set of Adds: The fight is doable even for a T7 with level 14 gear and a bit of luck. T7 has an ability called EMP Blast or something similar which wipes out all of the Emperor's clones in one hit. Activate it for T7 to use. I suggest when first starting the fight to have T7 take the hate and use his EMP blast to get rid of his first set of clones. Before he dies make sure to use Saber Ward and Call of the Force. You should be nearly at full health with the CotF HoT on you. Once you kill his first set of adds it is just a matter of interupting his abilities which you have many means to do so. For this fight you have to utilize a lot of moves. Use any means necessary to interupt his casts. Force Push, Force Stasis, Kick, Hilt Strike, Force Leap, and if your all out of options hide behind a pillar.

Second Set of Adds: At 70ish% health he will summon his second set of adds. If you are lucky T7 might still be alive to drop his EMP bomb. If not, use Awe once all the adds have come into range. Don't worry about interupting the adds abilities, just worry about killing them. They usually die with one hit by a special ability. So during the duration of the stun try to kill as many as possible. If adds are still up after the duration of Awe use Force Push or Force Stasis to distract the real Emperor. If you end up getting around 60% health or below this is the time to use some CDs. Saber Ward should be up again if you used Call of the Force before your companion died. Once the adds are down you can either fight it out with the Emperor or stall for time to wait for Awe to come back up by LoSing the Emperor and interupting him.

The Last Set of Adds: This is the most difficult and pivotal part of the fight. As soon as he spawns his 3rd set of adds he will start casting Force Blast. If not interupted this move WILL KILL YOU. If Awe is back up don't hesitate to use. Use Warding Call, Enure, Medpacs, ANYTHING to help. Kill as many adds as possible but make sure to keep an eye on the Emperor! You have to interupt Force Blast. If you are able to kill the adds you have the fight. The Emperor will ONLY cast Force Blast and luckily it has a very long cast time.

If you have any questions feel free to reply and GL with the Emperor.

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01.10.2012 , 12:29 AM | #236 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Just to give a quick update, we are fixing a couple of issues we found with the fight where it wasn't functioning as designed. Thanks for your input as it allowed us to isolate the problems much quicker!

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01.10.2012 , 01:51 AM | #237
Well written guide, Torith!

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01.10.2012 , 08:11 AM | #238
I think a key point is if you run up and down the hallway you will always have Awe up when he spawns the adds. He is slow and just the curves of the hall mean he can't really be damaging you at all and you have time to recharge awe and medpacs.

Try taking time in bringing him down so you don't have 3 sets of adds right away This adds about 5 minutes to the fight but seems to make it tons more doable.

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01.10.2012 , 08:17 AM | #239
Quote: Originally Posted by newport View Post
I think a key point is if you run up and down the hallway you will always have Awe up when he spawns the adds. He is slow and just the curves of the hall mean he can't really be damaging you at all and you have time to recharge awe and medpacs.
The point, though, is that the developers said this fight was calibrated without LOSing the emperor or his clones. At no point should you have had to run down the hallway just to refresh a CD. Supposedly, you're able to fight the emperor like every other battle you've had in your Knightly career and win.

Yet every successful guide involves kiting, LOSing, etc. Even though who optimized their interrupts at every turn were LOSing just to renew their cooldowns.
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01.10.2012 , 09:58 AM | #240
ARE YOU KIDDING ME BIOWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got to level 50 and began the end mission to find out i HAVE TO USE THE WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH THAT IS T7. I haven't even touched his gear since level 15. GREAT FREAKING JOB BIOWARE. Who's stupid idea was this????? So i guess this means that i just have to forget about ever finishing my jedi knights class story because there is no way i'll be completing it with my squishy sentinel. There probably isn't a lot of people at level 50 yet, but once there is, these forums will be exploding with angry people. Great job at making the most iconic star wars character worthless in this game. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: And to top it all off, i realized i can't even go to ilum now!!!!!!! First i get the Kira bug and can no longer romance, then the Doc bug, then i spend days searching belsavis for those stupd rakata cubes to get my matrix cube, AND NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I would really ask for is to just be able to use whatever companion i want. Let me use the companion i've spent all my money and time gearing up. And to not be forced to use one that is worthless.