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Lost Tales Of The Old Republic – Chapter Five: “Peace Is A Lie”, Part I

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Lost Tales Of The Old Republic – Chapter Five: “Peace Is A Lie”, Part I

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01.09.2012 , 01:03 PM | #1
Lost Tales of the Old Republic is a weekly fan fiction story, written by’s very own Tim Bertram. Tim is an aspiring author, with one completed novel already under his belt. Each and every Monday, Tim will give you a fresh installment in the Lost Tales of the Old Republic series. Enjoy!

Chapter Five: “Peace Is A Lie”, Part I

Written by: Timothy E. Bertram

Bed ridden for several more days, Gage awoke this early morning feeling better and more energized than he had in a long time. From the low light filtering through the white drapes he could tell it was early morning and he was alone with the exception of one of the medical droids. “Commander it is recommended that you remain in bed for a little while longer.”

“Stand down,” Gage quietly ordered the droid as he placed his feet on the ground and stood up, a little wobbly. The bandages he had been wrapped in several days ago were now gone. He found himself dressed in a pair of those gaudy shorts that he had seen Blaster in and a white undershirt. He lifted the shirt up to inspect his wounds. The bleeding and charred skin was gone and a circular scar from the blaster bolt was still very reddish looking. He held his shirt up as he turned and looked in a mirror over his shoulder to see a similar scar on his left shoulder blade where the bolt had exited. ‘One more set of scars to add to his collection,’ He thought to himself.

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