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Suggestion: Heroic Objective Map Icon

NickyRTR's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 08:01 AM | #1
Please use a slightly different graphic for mission objectives on the world map and mini-map, when the mission is heroic. Distinct icons for heroic 2+ and heroic 4 would be even better.

This would be useful when a player has several missions in the same area, and is planning his route around the map. Also, when you stumble on a mission objective by chance, it would be useful to immediately know it's heroic and should probably not be approached solo.

sharkfinsix's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 10:18 AM | #2
When you enter the general area of the heroic quests, it flashes you are entering a heroic area on your screen.

also i turn the heroics off my quest tracker while i am solo questing so i don't see them at all, I generally like to collect all the heroic quests for the planet and do them all at once when possible, so it's just easier to keep organized for me.

Anyways maybe those tips will help.