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Black Talon Conversation bug

horvagab's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 05:53 AM | #1
So, I have ran Black Talon several times with 2 different characters, and so far managed I managed to encounter the following bug each and every time:

When a group conversation is finished, I return to the game proper... only I don't. I can move, and yet I can't: all the avatars of the players and such remain the same, and while I "move" my character's body doesn't. I can't talk with anybody, and even if the other characters finish the conversation and move, I don't see them, I only see them frozen in place.

I didn't encounter this on the Esseles playthrough, though I played that one once.

I haven't yet reported this bug in-game, sorry for that.

Also sorry if the bug has been reporetd on the forums already... I couldn't find a search function :S. I'm a noob, sorry for that.