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Vault of Eternity Exploit

Stelek's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 01:03 AM | #1
Reporting this here so hopefully Bioware will fix it.

We're in the Eternity Vault.

We cleared everything up to SOA.

SOA kept bugging out, so we reset the instance to try and clear it.

As we were running back, we noticed the 3rd and 4th boss chests respawned and were locked.

While the 4th boss (the council) did not respawn, the pillar boss (3rd boss) was up again despite the vault being open.

We triggered it again, chest opened, and 2 biometric crystal alloys and a epic schematic respawned.

We determined we could do this endlessly, but did not do so.

As once you get past the council there is no longer any trash, you jump on your speederbike and land right at the 3rd boss.