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Request Fix/Change of buttons.

Ragzus's Avatar

01.08.2012 , 05:19 PM | #1
Proton Torpedo Tube Eagerly awaited item to equip at level 50, Perhaps me more than most people as i brought it early and Missed the requirement back at level 20, So I've had it in my bags for a long time coming.

But now i can use it.. and What?!?!

Because of the way its done, it makes it almost useless, Sure in some cases you can use it effectively but there are some important problems that remapping the fire key to anything other than right mouse button would address!!!

It picks the targets, On missions with little or no targets for it, you can't fire them off, would be nice to use this when destroying the smaller cruisers shield generators on the later missions.

It makes you unable to use missiles on that target, Some missions you don't need a mother proton for every target, and you'd like to conserve them for later, but you can't.. Missiles wont fire when this is trying to, And can you tell it not to?.. Nope! does what it likes!

The popular way to fix this is to un-equip it.
This shouldn't be a fix, I feel insulted that players are having to create fixes for missions and combat which is overly buggy.

It even took me a while to figure out how to fire it, I'm so used to missiles being right mouse button it seemed silly, I at first thought the middle mouse button, maybe number 5.. anything else.

Please allow a remap of this, Just targeting over something could obtain the lock then using the number key 5.. or a mappable key (or mouse button) of your choice to fire the torpedoes and have the missiles still able to fire, when locked with the right mouse button.

So far it is the only real flaw in the space combat system worth bringing up, its an easy fix and i hope it is done!