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Comparing the raids to WoW, are operations difficult?

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Comparing the raids to WoW, are operations difficult?

NasherUK's Avatar

01.08.2012 , 01:40 PM | #11
Heh, most of the hard mode flashpoint bosses (4 man) are harder than wow's modern raid bosses.

WOW raids have been getting easier every tier since mid WOTLK, only the end of tier bosses (in heroic 25 man) are hard now. If you have ever played in a top raiding guild in wow (top for your realm that is), you will see how faceroll the game really is and why so many are quitting due to bordom.

Pintaphilly's Avatar

01.08.2012 , 01:59 PM | #12
There is no comparison. Hard and Nightmare modes are a joke, the only exception are bosses that are simply NOT doable (I'm looking at you Nightmare SOA). Mechanics for every boss are VERY SIMPLE, as long as your guild knows how to play their class, your golden. There is a reason these things have been cleared in less than a month, considering people had to spend time leveling their toons. Well, Nightmare EV would be cleared if SOA wasn't impossible.

None of these bosses have gotten close to the hundreds of attempts many WoW bosses required, i.e. Mu'ru (Pre-nerf), Kil'jaeden, HM Mirmidon, HM Yogg, HM Lich, HM Ragnaros, HM Deathwing encounters.

These are just a few, and take note Kil'jaeden took around 180 attempts for SK-Gaming to get the world first, and Deathwing took more than 300 attempts for the world first by a Korean guild.

I do not mention Vanilla because there were countless of bugs that trivialized many world firsts, but even then, they took quite a while to beat once they were fixed (C'thul, Kel'Thuzad, Three Horsemen, etc)

Not to mention, countless of other encounters that got close to that 100th attempt mark.

WoW remains challenging in heroic, despite the countless of dumb changes they have made with their classes and the direction they are taking the game as a whole.

Also keep in mind, it does not make you a better guild than the top guilds who did it first, if you beat the boss in less attempts. Why? Because you watched videos and knew the fight from the start, they didn't, they had to learn it from scratch. Nerfs aside.

And in case your wondering, I was a former Premonition raider back in the day. And I actually came to SW:TOR as a non-hardcore raider, the schedule that we have isn't even half of what I used to do in Premonition, and yet progression is going waaay too fast for the little time that we are putting in. In a way, I am enjoying it, but simply because I do not want to go back to the Premonition days, as great as it was, my life doesn't allow it anymore.