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Karagga'a Palace Re-entry Fix request.

ogu-omiww's Avatar

01.07.2012 , 05:46 PM | #1
Okay, first week we one shot Karagga's Palace No big deal...Easy fight

Came in the next week (yesterday) and I felt confident enough to lead a pug on my alt and get another easy clear except we had a wipe due to low dps + enrage.

The problem is, when you zone back in after clicking the elevator.. Why is the boss still centered on the arena? THis results in an immediate Swipe causing the raid to go to instantly half HP, and due to the enrage you really only need 1-2 heals...But the boss follows that swipe cleave with his AoE slam and this kills about 3 people within about 5 seconds.

Solution: If the raid wipes, have the adds respawn allowing the raid to have a fair start at the boss instead of everyone zoning in to be instantly set to 50%HP VIA boss cleave and then giving the healers only 5 seconds to top everyone off before the bosses jump which will kill anyone still at 50%HP...This is unfair, and is essentially making a group recovering from a wipe at a handicap compared to players coming into a fresh attempt.
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