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Jedi Knight Final Mission

Desirion's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 05:36 PM | #1
I'll write here becouse, due to the wrong choices of Bioware, this mission became very hard and its a total nonsense working it out the way i'm doing.

Talking about the Jedi Knight final mission.

Its absolutely nonsense I can chose to power up a companion of my choice trough all the planets and then I'm forced to have one, chosen by the game, during the final mission... why? Because, in my SAD case, the one chosen by the game its the weakest of all my companions, beaing constantly oneshotted... more or less.

I'm a Tank, Gaurdian, and the game does not take that in account. My T7 its a useless wistling tincan, because i'm tanking and using Doc all the time.

Nowere is written that I would have T7 on the final assault. Now I'm forced to live the last story experience, been real fun till now, in a awfull manner... dieing and spawning all the way to the emperor...(I'm at the moment in one of those forced stops, writing here while waiting the medical droid... its 10 minutes all the times after 3 deaths in a row...)

I'm not wining about this. This is not the point of my post. I only hope some at Bioware pass here and read my post, because this is a big issue from my point of view.

The point is: why dont u stop letting me chose only one reward for my companion during quests, and start giveing one to all of them if I chose the piece of equip, instead chosing, for example, the commendation or the box or else?
This way now I wouldn't be waiting 10 minutes to res, because thats the only way I can complete this step of the final mission...

Hope u find the suggestion usefull. And if u want some more, u have my e-mail, write me anytime, u know where to find me Bioware ... now... lets see how much time is already gone...

AngryNiczorn's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 08:29 PM | #2
Hello.. I have the exact same problem! I had 700k when i left corellia. Used all of them on lvl 3 speeder and skills so I had like 5k credits left. There was absoloutly NO way I could get a decent upgrade for the tincan. I gave up, until I realized at dinner that I "maybe" could get a friend with me on dromund kaas. I found another fellow Jedi of the order to join me against the emperor.

Sadly, this ruined the final mission. The emperor was a piece of cake, finished him in 1minute or less with full hp left. (because of the help)

I saw no other way than doing this.. It was an easy choice, did I want the mission or not? I would have loved to do it solo.. but this was not the case.
Impossible to win against the emperor "solo" when he's made for you AND your companion. I literally lol'ed when T7 died of the first AoE spell the emperor does. Pathethic bioware.

There are really a lot of solutions for this problem.
- (Temporarily give your companion items that matches yours as chance being the companion is NOT upgraded fully)

- (Warn us in time, seriously. Satele could have said something about when I'm facing the emperor I need my droid as its mind wont be affected) or the game could have notified us, as it did when reaching lvl 20. Saying we have to save up credits for the "expensive" speeder at lvl 25.

- (Make us decide what companion we wanted to bring. Lord scourge, fx. Could have been epic using him against the emperor, when he was with the emperor first time we faced him in lvl 36 or something.

- Nico.
Forcejump lvl 0