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Major suggestion that's needed

EvilDcast's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 01:09 PM | #1
I'm not sure where to post it but since it really relates to operations I figured it should go here.

At the moment there is no /roll command (unless it's under something completely obscure). This needs to be added immediately because without it endgame is really limited. The reason i say this is because people are very greedy and if an item drops that they don't need or can't use but they can sell it for a lot they'll roll need on it.

Because of this, running operations in it's current state is nearly impossible for pick up groups (pugs). The reason for this is because if you use the need/greed system then you're doing it with people you can't exactly trust and random people will roll need on items they can't use just so they can sell them (expecially if they're bind on equip).

Even running operations with a guild using this system is tough if it's a fairly new guild and not everyone trusts each other yet. It's still technically like a pug and gear can get stolen.

The next option would be master looter. However, the same situation applies in terms of how does the master looter distribute the loot? There's no system that everyone can physically see. Sure the master looter can literally puts names into a hat and pull them out but he/she would be doing that from home and no one would see it so it could be fixed. Having a /roll command would enable everyone to type /roll and the master looter gives it to the highest number. Also if someone claims they need it and people do /roll for need and the winner can't use it (example: a bounty hunter rolling on a lightsaber) the master looter can give it to the second highest roll instead.

Bioware PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE initiate /roll as it is a standard in every mmo-rpg. I love this game even in it's current state but if I can see a lot of people stop playing if there's no /roll command because there's no system to distribute loot among pick up groups that works. And not everyone has time to join a guild and run raids with the guild (since a lot of guilds do a schedule like raid tuesday, wednesday, thursday).

A /roll command with master looter is a system that has proven time and time again to work and needs to be added immediately.

Besides, all you guys are doing is coding in a random number generator which is some fairly basic code (expecially since the groundwork is already there since it's used to healing/damage/need greed system/social system). It should only take you guys like 30 minutes to an hour to add it as an emote.