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Daily Issues with Launcher

Cathandris's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
To begin this, I am running on a Mac Book Pro in Boot Camp with Windows 7 Enterprise. I am also in Afghanistan which exacerbates the issues I am dealing with.

For the last three days, I have been plagued by a recurring issue with the Launcher. I come back to my room, I open the launcher and I login. The Launcher jumps to the screen with the current news/link to patch notes/system alerts. However, I can see behind the text are the words End User Access & License Agreement. I cannot however, agree to the EUALA, I can just see it floating back there. I then wait patiently while the internet over here slowly downloads the patch, and when it does, the Play button lights up. I click it and the EUALA title Changes to the Player Rules Agreement Header, Again behind the normal screen of the news. Game will not launch. If i leave the launcher and relaunch, same thing happens, minus the downloading of the patch.

The only solution I have sen so far is to run the FixLauncher and then let it redownload the Launcher updates, which again on very slow internet is frustrating. Then it will allow me to sign in, sign the EUALA and Player Agreement and launch the game.

When I check the logs, it shows a line for ERROR Agreement Timeout. Yet it never gave me the option to see the Agreement in teh first place. Is there a work around to this that will allow me to play without having to run FixLauncher everyday?