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Lost my temporary companion and the compaion interface

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Lost my temporary companion and the compaion interface

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01.06.2012 , 12:33 PM | #1
I am sith assassin. On the quest vengeance on Tatooine. Khem val was temoprary replaced by a pirate. Don't recall his name. I defeated the wilks I think that was his name. After I defeated him, the pirate and I started to talk to wilks. He said a bunch of stuff. Then I got the option to either kill him myslef or let the pirate do it. Since I am sith I killed him myslef. After the dialog was complete. The companion disappeared and the companion interface aswell. Now I can't summon any compaions at all.

Does anyone know a sulotion this problme or has have experiance the same?

Since this game is based on having a companion I can't continue to play my assassin.