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Combat and movement

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01.06.2012 , 11:24 AM | #1
So, I've been playing through the first 10 or so levels of each class lately, and I've found two things that seem to slow or interrupt the pacing of combat.

Firstly, cover mechanics.

My first character was an Imperial Agent Sniper - he's level 38 or somesuch at this point - and I adore the storyline and the massive amounts of damage I can do. My second most advanced character is a Smuggler Gunslinger. Also a fun class and storyline. However, playing a Jedi and a Sith, and even a Bounty Hunter, seems hella more intuitive. You run up to things and hit them, or you just stand there and blow people up. It feels less interrupted.

With cover, there's often a second's delay between hitting the "cover" button, and then rolling into cover. Then there's another half-second delay before you can actually shoot things again. That second-and-a-half is precious if you're DPS. All in all, it seems rather uncoordinated, and some of the cover positions available are facing completely the wrong direction.

I'm not sure what a fix for all that would be; cover is an important mechanic, so removing it would be silly, but my effectiveness as a DPS is decreased compared to a Sith or Jedi DPS character, or even a BH DPS (And, I guess Trooper?).

Secondly, "Out of Range."

If my character is out of range... why don't I automatically just move a little closer? It happens in every other game BW has made, so this seems a little counter-intuitive. Unless there's an option for it somewhere I haven't seen?

tl;dr: Cover is slow and clunky, and if I'm out of range, I should be automatically moved within range.
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