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Hood On/Off Toggle?

Jo_Darkrider's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 09:17 PM | #321
There's this. TOR has very little options when it comes to customization of the character as it is. I mean, I am not MMO fan either and admittedly, I am playing the game mainly because of story & because of being Star Wars fan. To the point, though - it seems that BW wanted to save up some money by cutting the variety of character customizations. At the top of all, they removed even this little variety from Guardians & from what I hear, Sentinels as well by not letting us to see faces and other features because someone felt like turning us into bunch of friggin Jawas. I hate Jawas, so I have one more reason to be cranky about this. I also want to see character I created. Double cranky.

So, I'm asking myself.. where millions and millions of dollars went? Into making a huge hype campaign with pictures from the game which ultimately haven't even made it into the game? Into voice-acting? - That part is good (voice acting), not complaining, just asking probably rhetorical questions here. So, were we lied to? Being shown something, which is not in the game? as far as I am concerned, yes, I do feel like being cheated on by BW.

Yes, I am cranky. It's past 4 am, I can't sleep, I am ill as hell and when logging on TOR forums, I still see that this damn hood issue is what? Ignored. Yes. Not that I expected anything else...

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01.02.2012 , 11:21 PM | #322
I'd really enjoy such an option as well :/
Now going the Light Armor Way myself.

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01.03.2012 , 12:10 AM | #323
I found the perfect orange hood-free version for my JK on Taris from the vendors in the crafting area. I love it! It has the perfect color for her and a few q's in I got a matching pair of pants that were moddable as well. I have seen quite a few moddable versions that were for sale for commendations on the republic fleet that I will pick up later on. My fav outfit for my smuggler is a moddable outfit that I got after a heroic on Coruscant.

Hope that you guys have luck finding armor that you like, but one way is to look at the commendations vendors, they have quite a few versions. Do a few heroics and you're good to go.

Edit: Sorry I meant Tatooine. There are quite a few orange items there without hood in medium armor.

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01.03.2012 , 01:48 AM | #324
Quote: Originally Posted by Merwanor View Post
I am a Jedi Guardian and I have now chosen to go for some medium armor, the armor hit is not that big really and now I atleast have a robe like armor with the hood down.

I managed to find a recipe for Aspiring Knight's Vest. ...
Thanks for the tip! My robe was really getting me down. I know it's just a minor issue really, purely cosmetic, but the huge butt and hood up look was bumming me out.

I picked up the Aspiring Knight's Vest and Leggings off the GTN, they were very reasonably priced and I love the design. I think I will keep them, at least for a while. I will be keeping all my other heavy armor because it just makes sense, but it's true the loss in armor rating was not significant. And as a DPS Guardian using T7 to tank for me, I am not going to be taking a lot of hits anyway. Sentinels get by with all medium gear, I'm just using two pieces.

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01.05.2012 , 03:23 PM | #325
Damn, i didn't realise this before i hit level 25.. it's actually bothering me quite abit, so much that i might even reroll :S

I mean, when i made my character i knew that i'd be looking at that face and hairstyle in all the conversations.. Really a bummer that you have to look at that hood all the time.

AislingKerrigan's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 03:25 PM | #326
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonlo View Post
It's not in for launch. You can use a custom (orange type) armor with the hood down and keep it modded to stay relevant if you want.
The problem is I haven't found any orange type heavy armors with the hood down.

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01.05.2012 , 03:52 PM | #327
Signed, want hood toggle.
"It is not simply enough to know the light…a Jedi must feel the tension between the two sides of the Force…in himself and in the universe." Master Thon

Prash's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 08:52 AM | #328
WTB Hood Toggle, pst.

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01.06.2012 , 09:48 AM | #329
I agree. A hood toggle would be great.
As well, I'd like some cooler helmets than a Jodie LaForce space goggles. The sith get some sweet looking helmets, why can't a jedi wear something cool? Just because it hasn't been seen in a movie doesn't mean anything.

Im really bummed so far with the jedi armor progression.Im a guardian and finally, after 40 levels I got the lvl 40 PVP armor that actually looks like the armor promised in all those screen shots and pre game art.

Would love a little more love for the guardians/sentinels in making some killer looking gear.

Hyperionthethird's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 10:37 AM | #330
I don't understand why the hoods just aren't your head items, or a lot of them. They have a helm toggle like any reasonable mmo out there, ostensibly because they realized that we might want to see our characters' faces. But instead my helm toggle is just turning on and off little headbands you can't see or whatever.

The hoods should have just been a separate model for helm items, not part of the chest piece. With those combined with existing helm looks we'd get a lot more variety in our character looks with the same amount of models too.