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Iron Citadel - 250k credit giveaway

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Iron Citadel - 250k credit giveaway

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01.05.2012 , 04:23 PM | #1
Seeing how my initial idea of a consolidated website of server forums for all US servers miserably failed, I've decided to create one just for Iron Citadel.

To try to drive some traffic, I've decided to give away 250k in a contest, simply register at and make a post on the thread in the "Contests and Events" section.

I've come across some flak in game about people thinking this is a scam of some sort, don't know how, unless you are dumb enough to register with your swtor Account name and same Password. I'm just a man trying to get some hits.

If you aren't on Iron Citadel... sorry. Convince someone on your server to give away some credits.

While I'm at it, make sure to check out the huttball positioning guide that is posted in the general section. It'll elevate your game.
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