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I am sick of these looting bugs

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01.05.2012 , 09:30 AM | #1
So last night my guild completed 8-man Eternity Vault. We experienced looting bugs on two encounters which prevented people who were supposed to get loot from actually being able to loot the chest/boss.

The first place this happened was on the puzzle boss. Everyone was able to loot the chest except for one person. This person didn't die during the encounter and there was nothing that he did out of the norm.

The second place was on the final boss. Two of us were still trapped in Mind Prisons when the boss went down. Neither of us got credit for killing the boss and there were items on him that were specifically meant for both of us (due to our ACs and not having those same ACs in the raid) yet neither of us were able to loot.

It's incredibly frustrating and I can only hope that the development team is working on squashing these particular bugs ASAP. It's easy to lose the motivation to do end-game content when you're afraid that loot has the extra "RNG" of not even being able to be looted.
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