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Buff all crewskills please.

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Buff all crewskills please.

deserttfoxx's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:10 AM | #1
Are ilum daily commendation vendor epics supposed to far outshine anything you get from crafting, because at the moment, doing anything besides biochem seems like you just want to unnecessarily punish yourself. I mean the epic mods and enhancements you get from dailies are bind on equip for crying out loud, youd make more profit selling 3 of these a day then getting cybertech to 400 and making them.

I have a few suggestions but as i am onl a synthweaver, please feel free to leave suggestions for your tradeskill as well.

I personally believe all sets made by snythweavers and armormechs should have a 5 piece bonus when they are fully procced to the epic superior/mastercraft variation, that alone would give people a reason to seek us out. Starting at level 20 you start to see full 5 piece sets for all level ranges beyond that, and i think a set bonus for each of those sets, something general like more hp for 2 pieces, more armor or crit for 4 piece, something all classes can benefit from would be nice.

A lot of people believe biochem to be OP, and for the most part it isnt, just the adrenals need to be removed from the reusable pile. But the truth of it is, biochem is the only crew skill that legit doesnt get shafted by the commendation vendor. Everything ive gotten so far from doing dailies has far outshined what i can make for other people, why would they ever buy crafted gear? I dont want to be the best gear but cmon bioware, it cost 300-400k just to even hit 400 ina crafting profession, at the very least you could make it worth while.
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