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Hardmode Flashpoints not fixed


Samvan's Avatar

01.04.2012 , 10:52 AM | #1
Two weeks after launch and Hardmode Flashpoints are still not fixed.

I seriously have no idea why you aren't focusing on fixing these. It's IMPOSSIBLE to do anything other THAN PVP if you're only interested in PVE and have no guild/friends to do Eternity Vault with.

The only Hardmode Flashpoints that work are Battle of Ilum / False Emperor / Black Talon. (I haven't tested D7)

Foundry and Boarding party are severly bugged, and then I'm talking about the last bosses.

- Foundry

Revan one shots people with his lightning and he's near to impossible (I haven't heard anyone on Ahto City that has completed it) of killing him. Therefore, you cannot complete the flashpoint nor can you receive your token for Columni.

- Boarding Party

If you compare the ENTIRE flashpoint with Commander Jorland and his power rangers squad;

He's massively overtuned. His AOE ticks like 1/3 of the DPS/Healer's HP.

I've actually managed to KILL Commander Jorland and Massey, but the medic has 50% hp left when he enrages and then we kite the **** out of Massey and LOS Jorland to avoid damage.

I've heard people on Ahto City managing to kill the entire squad but the chest was bugged.

GG Bioware. Two major flashpoints bugged and you rather go **** around with emotes on vehicles.

Thanks for fixing everything in nothing-world.