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2nd run through Foundry, horrendously buggy.

Delat's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 01:27 PM | #1
I've done nothing but defend this game up to this point, but Foundry is -really- bad.

First clear through it, tanking on my 36 BH, no issues.

2nd time through everything's fine til we hit HK. This is when he immediately stealths and summons ads, becomes untargettable(and not in the regular phases where that happens). The fight bugs six times in a row, one of them leaving the droid ads up and leaving us to initiate the fight with ads in. Eventually we recruit a bomb *** healer and push through the bugs to the Revan fight.

I will add here that HK-47 is at least thrice as hard as the Revan fight, HK does significantly more damage, burstier, with ads. All Revan does is threaten to knock you from the edge should you be stupid enough to stand by it.

After grinding through Revan's HP, we realized that he was just sitting at immune with 5% hp. After wailing on him for 5 minutes or so, we realized this was going nowhere and leapt from the edge to reset. Ground through his HP again, once again he's immune and nothing happens.

Now having invested a huge amount of time but completely exhasperated with how much of a failure this instance seems to be, we wipe and walk away.

Really, Bioware? The epic conclusion to a KOTOR storyline, and it's so buggy that after 2 hours of resetting and clearing, it's STILL so bad we can't finish the instance.

For shame.
You're worth enough dead.

GlowRage's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 06:50 PM | #2
We've run into the immune Revan bug twice now and it seems to occur when you push him across his threshold while he's casting Force Storm. Once he drops below 10khp he's supposed to go immune and trigger his dialogue, but apparently he won't do it if he's in the middle of the channel.

Edit: Just ran it again and confirmed that this appears to be the cause. He bugged out when pushed over during force storm, but not when pushed over during any other point.

naardejood's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 07:06 PM | #3
Apparently he does the same thing when pushed below 10k while channeling Falling Rocks, as well. Only ran this one once and didn't have a problem (I believe I just interrupted all his channels), but I've seen it mentioned.