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Faction specific classes

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01.03.2012 , 06:47 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by xXCheXGuevaraXx View Post
I understand how an Imperial/Republic trooper would be similar, but are troopers/bounty hunters any different regarding skills/combat or is their main difference merely the storyline?

If I read correctly I remember Jango Fett being hired by Darth Tyranus for his combat prowess. I don't think Jango freely gave up his genes simply because he was asked or because he was loyal to the Separatists/Sith. He also demanded the first clone be given to him without any aging modifications.
skills are the same as jedi/sith, SI/sage, smuggler/agent, so most difrence is look and storry for game

And yes, Jango gave up genes because of money and oportunity to have a child whit he could rise to be his succesor. But, what i mentioned before, the lore is not showing BH working for republic... so i think this is the cose of this

remember this is fictional world, everything not shown can be interpreted in every posible way and every side will have the same number of arguments on this
A: Screen shot or it didn't happen
B: No screen shot, it was a phone conversation...
A: ....screen shot or it didn't happen...