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No reason to be upset!

Noggafor's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 09:50 PM | #11
humm might be selling tickets to the return of Jesus... I dont tell you when he will come back though =P
I have a bad feeling about this

Nextorian's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 09:55 PM | #12
does it matter, the official release date is 12/20/2011....they should make everyone wait, them letting us on early based on pre-order is quite nice of them to begin with. And no not a single one of these threads will slow the ragers who joined and pre-orderd this month but i know ill get mine soon anyway just a matter of time since i did mine of the opening day
Sacred Valor

MarcusDarkstar's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 10:03 PM | #13
ya i even redeemed my code early December. I dont expect to be first on the list on the first day. That is just ridiculous.

But i do hold out hope that things will go well enough that it will be sooner rather than later to get on the Early Access that invites wont be still going out on day 3 of the Early Access schedule.

Cause when i played the beta I loved this game. I just think all the whiners confused their hopes dreams and assumptions with facts. Just didnt do enough research or listened an when their hopes came crashing down resulted in a massive epic *****/whine fest.

I suspect its like thinking its Christmas eve today and couldn't get to bed this night only to find out Christmas really is tomorrow or the next day. Finding out you mistook it cause some bad calendar or you just read something wrong. You might get it logically but your still mega pissed and agitated.

And we all know letting your steam off into the bowels of the internet is what a lot of people do. I just hope the whiners realize their mistake in a few days (likely when they finally get to playing) and just let it go and enjoy the game.

I refuse to believe the many other posts that Bioware serer zones are "near empty" and that their just *********** with us. they already said their ahead of schedule and the fact that the originally 5 day early access bumped up to 7 i believe that statement. However People will beleive what they want to believe thus with all the despairing misunderstanding SWTOR fans who wish to believe its a conspiracy against them to make them despair rather than their own fault for raising their hopes on false pretenses.

If i didnt i would go literally insane with rage and join the whiners. And i don't want that.