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problems with game loading

bobiselite's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 09:33 AM | #1
i can't get help anywhere else and well i came to y'all even though I'm running mac. i first installed swtor on my macbook pro in bootcamp in windows 7 32 bit.. well it ran BUT it got up to 90'c - 95'c on the temp with both the fans turned up to 6000 rpm. so i figured that was too hot so i was gonna try crossover games... well everyone already know that doesn't work.. zoo was gonna try vmware fusion and figured out it doesn't work before it got done downloading. so can i downgrade bootcamp so i can install xp cause the updated version will only install 7. and swtor would run better in xp. and is 90'c way too hot for a mac. I've always been a windows user.