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PSA for DPS: Upgrade your hilt/barrel via dailies BEFORE doing HMs.

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PSA for DPS: Upgrade your hilt/barrel via dailies BEFORE doing HMs.

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01.02.2012 , 09:13 AM | #1
As pretty much everyone knows at this point, most HM flashpoint bosses have tight enrage timers. DPS is the most crucial role to defeating these encounters, besides everyone knowing the strat. As such, before you spam the general chat with "LFG HM BT!11!" there are a few steps you can take to ensure you will be better than worthless.

If you are using a moddable weapon (and you should be) by the time you hit 50, the first thing you need to do is some dailies. If you do NOT have a moddable weapon (or 2 if you are dual-wielding), then do enough quests on Corellia to purchase them with commendations. If you somehow made it to 50 without figuring this out, the Hilt or Barrel slot (depending on weapon type) determines how much base damage your weapon does. This is the most important factor in your DPS, and thankfully it is the easiest to improve upon immediately hitting 50. To upgrade your weapon damage follow these steps:

1. Follow the breadcrumbs from the Fleet to go to Belsavis and/or Ilum.
2. Go to those planets, do all the quests you can. You do NOT need to finish the Heroic 2/4 quests to get enough tokens for this, but you should try and get them done regardless.
3. Find the vendors on these planets which sell Daily Commendation gear. There are 2, one sells implants/ears/mounts and one will sell Armoring and Hilt/Barrels.
4. Purchase the hilt or barrel item which has appropriate stats for your class, for 8 Daily Commendations per pop. You will easily get this if you performed Step 2, as they only cost 8 each.

Feel free to upgrade any other pieces of moddable gear you have with the armoring/mod/enhancement you receive as daily rewards, and any armoring slots with commendations if you wish. The ones you can buy with Daily commendations will make your gear on-par with most HM flashpoint drops. Cool, huh?

TLDR: Fresh 50 DPS, you NEED to do dailies and upgrade your weapon before going to a hardmode. It takes about an hour, there's no excuse for not doing it.
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