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PVP Worries

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12.13.2011 , 08:19 PM | #1
lol, I've tried to point out a couple of things about PVP play that makes me less nervous than most about the effect of having high level folks already in-game but the threads keep closing too quickly.

Are the mods allowed to comment on gameplay or are they actually limited to thread control based on forum rules? It seems a few clarifying statements by folks that are actually officially familiar with the gameplay design might help around here.

So without knowing where the official thread is for this I'll start a new one.

1) PVP Zones are instanced, not random. You have to join the warzone in order to be involved. What you have to worry about is developing a character or a team that is able to handle the tasks at hand for each of the warzones before you enter. You're not going to have a level 50 Operative sniping you from the rooftop during your questing or other activities. You'll have a chance to build up to that style play.

2) In the game you gain experience and loot for simply participating in the warzones it's not completely tied to winning. From the Game Manual:
It may take several minutes after you queue a Warzone before you enter the battle. Before the battle begins, pay attention to the descriptions and objectives displayed on the loading screen. You have to complete these objectives in order to win the battle. Win or lose, combatants come back from these skirmishes with lots of XP, Credits, and special rewards.

So while it may be boorish getting wiped off the map in some initial PVP skirmishes you'll continually be leveling and eventually gameplay will determine the outcome more so than the time you started playing.

From all that I've read about the development of this game the designers have made it a point to provide a level of balance that isn't always seen in other games of this genre. I could be very wrong but I believe that assuming what would be a "massive failure" in another system would create the same effect here.

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12.13.2011 , 08:20 PM | #2
Let me guess, somebody stole your sweetroll.