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Crafting Review

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01.01.2012 , 04:45 PM | #1
I have always enjoyed crafting in games. It's really something that supplements your time while you play. If you get tired of grinding the levels you can spend a little time creating things to make the leveling experience easier or make a little cash. The problem with the crafting in this game is it really doesn't fulfill this at all.

1) Mission based crafting is not only a no brainer, but it's very time consuming for very little reward. The idea of your crew working to make things it cool, but I don't think this is the best way to show that.

Even the rare stuff is easy to get, but hard at the same time. What I mean by that is it's rare, but it takes no effort at all but time. This basically means you put in a crafting system whose soul limit is the amount of time in a day. (and how many credits you can dump into it) You can even do the whole thing while afk.

2) The rewards are in general very bad. The problem with the rewards while you are leveling is the huge time sync in getting the things needed while leveling. To get purple items you have to make a ton of items and backwards engineer them. The problem with this is the amount of time (since that is the only real inhibitor) is often greater than the amount of time to gain a level to level above the tier you are in.

Now this may be the case in any games, but the difference in this game compared to others is that in other games you actually stop leveling to make an actually effort to craft the item. In this game you just get you crew to craft the stuff or gather while you continue to level. This makes crafting very lack luster and then people hit 50 and realize that the level 50 gear just cant compare to the high end raiding or pvp gear.

3)It's very bland. Since it takes no effort to make the item it is very blah when you actually do. I've never gone YAY I GOT A PURPLE RARE OFF THIS DIPLOMACY... unlike other games when I am actually gathering and see a rare item pop up in the window other than the common I was expecting.

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01.01.2012 , 04:57 PM | #2
Now the biggest issue with the whole crafting system is the mission idea. This has many negative impacts on the whole crafting system

1) It brings too many people into the crafting world. Since it really isn't crafting its just hitting a button and letting the game do the work for you as you level why not do it? This really leaves the people who want to really focus on crafting without a niche. You can't put extra effort into it since you cant speed up a clock no matter how hard you want to work on it. So everyone is just a mediocre crafter and that is all you can really aspire too.

2) It's dull. It really is a dull system. You don't do anything. You don't explore, gather or really anything that shows that you are accomplishing something. You hit a button and then a skill point goes up and you gain some items. Then you hit another button and a few minutes later you get an item. All of this while pvping or questing.

3) It creates an influx of items into the virtual world. Supply and demand really gets hit hard when a constant supply far exceeds the demand. This is the reason slicers were nerfed.