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Changes to your Flashpoints..

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12.27.2011 , 09:22 AM | #1
I love the game. My guild loves the game. But these are some changes we have seen and I have brought it up in some in-game tickets but I wanted to add more.

Flashpoint: Hardmode Battle for Ilum

Group make-up: 1 Operative Healer / 2 Sith Sorcerer DPS / 1 Sith Assassin Tank

We killed every boss up to the final boss. The first boss we used a Battle Ress on and so I am not sure if that messes with the loot. But each boss either dropped nothing, crystals, or the loot chest was not able to be opened. Once we got to the final boss, we are doing fine. We get the first set of adds down that spawn and the he gains a buff that Enrages him by 200% damage and he starts 1 shotting people. That is after the first wave of add's, probably 30 seconds into the fight.

Flashpoint: Hardmode The Foundry

Group make-up: 1 Sith Sorcerer Healer / 1 Sith Sorcerer DPS / 1 Sniper DPS / 1 Jugg Tank

We cleared the bosses up to HK. I believe the first boss gave loot but the second boss had a chest and the chest would not unlock. And I think one of the boss like people only gave crystals and no loot. Once we got to HK though we are fine on the fight until he goes into his stasis chamber and you have to break the panels to get him out. We break the panels immediately to release him but he always comes out with a buff that increases his damage considerably and it wont go away even after wiping. It was basically an 'enrage' from being in the stasis chamber that someone had said he isn't suppose to receive if you break him out fast enough, but yet he receives it anyways. We didn't want to waste our time on the fight any longer.

Flashpoint: Hardmode Boarding Party

Group make-up: 1 Sith Sorcerer Healer / 1 Sith Sorcerer DPS / 1 Sniper DPS / 1 Jugg Tank

Pretty much the same as Foundry. Bosses lacking loot and gaining enrage buffs before a minute of the fight was up. The final boss is WAY over-tuned. The main bosses grenade takes my down to 10% health or kills me in 2 shots. The random threat of the shielding guy is crazy because if you survive the main boss's barrage of gun fire then he walks over and kills you in 1 shot. The medic heals too often making it extremely over complicated to survive the two and kill her and interrupt her heals.

Flashpoint: Hardmode Black Talon

Multiple Groups:

Everything in this place works for the most part. I know if you choose the light side option instead of killing the commander then when you kill them the chest didn't activate for us and we received no loot. The Bonus mission boss from what we could tell would 'Enrage' at 25%-30% health increasing his damage by 200% which means that either one of his abilities goes off then the tank was dead making it nearly impossible short of kiting him and using LOS to our advantage. Once we got past him to the final chick we have killed her many times but we started to notice that she gained 'Enrage' as well but we couldn't find a correlation with her health pool so we are assuming its a time issue and when she lunges at someone its a 1 hit.

What I would change..:

'Enrage' should be on a timer. Let's say a 7-8 minute timer on every boss. Longer if the fight requires more time because the boss gets to a point where he can't be hit (inside stasis chamber on HK). We would like to see a standard enrage timer. If it is based on Health that is just bad because you could have a great group but soon as they reach a 30% health enrage they could get unlucky, then your kills are based on luck that the boss did not destroy your tank. A longer enrage timer would probably fix a lot of the issues. Its horrible to have a good healer, heal through harder encounters only to shut down by something they CANT heal through.

The damage output of some of these bosses. You have to remember that these are 4 man instances. If one of the DPS goes down the fight is pretty much over, you can battle ress that player but I have noticed if the healer leaves the tank then the tank gets destroyed. I am not saying to dumb down anything just simply lowering the damage output a little would be nice. Once again these are 4 man instances not 8 man, 5 man or anything. And the enrage timers should help greatly if improved to timers/longer timers.

Loot.. if the chest's are the issues with the loot then place the loot on the character getting killed and not in a chest.

Also we have noticed the high price of repairing our gear trying to kill these encounters. I am in Light Armor and a full red repair bill is around 29,000 credits where as my medium armor friend is at 27,000. Quite possibly it is the gear difference we have. But I averaged around 7,000-8,000 credits per death. My understanding there are not 10-20 daily missions giving more then 10,000 credits a pop. So there is no way besides working the GTN and going out and killing creatures to make the money to pay for repairs. If we could have a lower repair cost that would be great, or implement more ways to make money. Because 5,000 credits at 50 for a 7-15 minute pvp game is a joke.

That is my rant and rave, I can go into more details.

Thank you,

Pretty Scary

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01.01.2012 , 04:50 PM | #2
My guild is encountering a lot of the same issues. We worked on strategies for Boarding Party final boss, but we gave up after wiping several times. We figured it wasnt worth the repair bill waiting for a lucky kill on two of the mobs before they enrages (I could heal through one of the guys enraged for a time if I had to.)