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Respawn rate

Heranden's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:40 PM | #1
Could we tone down the respawn rate in at least missions? I've never understood the reason for respawns in any instanced scenario. If we want to spent 5 hours clearing 1 room, let us.

There are a lot of players new to mmo's that have no concept of cc or the need for tank/healers. I'm a healer and some missions/flashpoints we have only dps and the going is pretty slow because of all the education required after numerous wipes. Now I could be my old WoW self and just drop group and instantly get another, but I'm really trying to be patient. Unfortunately once mobs start popping again everyone gets discouraged and bails.

Some missions I do alone and my dps is very poor so i whittle them down. It's enjoyable but I don't enjoy having the 15 minute or whatever respawn nipping at my heels.