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Great stories even on side quests. Thank you, BioWare.

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Great stories even on side quests. Thank you, BioWare.

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01.01.2012 , 04:39 AM | #1
I just completed the The Thing that Czerka Found quest on Tatooine. I am very impressed. The story of SWTOR is very compelling to me; some of the side quests are even more so than the main story. I just want to share my appreciation with BioWare, if they happen to read the thread, and the community.

The gameplay, well, I might not have lasted past the first week if the story weren't BioWare quality. It's not SWTOR's fault; I just don't particularly like games that level and level. Do you know that exchange in one of the Dune books, where Paul Atreides is talking with this Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother. She says something like "I cut my wisdom tooth on [such and such] when [long ago before Paul was even born]." And Paul says, "Yet only the tooth grew!" SWTOR is similar to the other leveling MMORPG I've played in this respect. I am making a lot of progress on my character, but only the character is growing. That's just how I feel.

Sorry. It seems like I complained more about the gameplay than praised about the story. I just wanted to relate that anecdote from Dune. The story of SWTOR is really very enjoyable. Coupled with lightsaber action, I am reasonably content. Probably doesn't do much good for people who neither like BioWare stories nor care for Star Wars though.
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