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05.31.2012 , 12:39 PM | #89
As community managers would you consider keeping an up to date "In patch X.X..." thread stickied in general?

The reason I ask is because many of the posts on this board are due to confusion over what has and has not been said about the future of the game.

A clear bulleted summery of features, changes, and content with links to all the relevant Q/As, twitter posts, and interviews would be easily maintained if you did a little every few days and would be a fount of information that could be, and this is important, easily accessible for all the forum goers.

Arlee on MMOc, Dulfy, and DH tend to do an okay job of it but having to go to 3rd party sites to get compiled information is a bit demoralizing and many of the community members are unaware of them.

Really love that you guys are making the effort to step into the thunderdome of general forum.
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