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Today we are happy to announce our next expansion - Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught! The expansion will launch free for all subscribers this September. New planets, flashpoint, Operation, large itemization changes codenamed “The Spoils of War” and more will be featured in this expansion! You can learn all about Onslaught in our Expansion Announcement article, here.

In honor of our Celebration Cantina we are sharing with everyone a redeemable code: SWCELEBRATION19. Simply redeem that code on your account for a Celebration inspired character flair and four stronghold decorations.

What is everyone excited for?

I am excited about the plethora of PVP content you mentioned, the reworked reward system to ensure players are incentivitized to play objectives and most important of all, class balance in different environments. Oh, hold on a second, there is not a single word regarding these, that was an expansion a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Then I am excited if you can push RNG and gear grinding any further trying to persuade everyone it is fun. Can hardly wait for the new FOTM classes and the nerf bat. More "Gathering Feedback" threads left without feedback. More fashion design and PVE elements to the game so that care bears open their purses and keep the game alive. And wrap all this up in corporate bulls*it please.