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04.14.2019 , 01:00 AM | #23
Its all looking good in SWTOR atm. After Ossus things have taken a positive turn around, adding finally.

So my sub can keep ongoing, The Vitiate Empire story was very sour for me in how it integrated in SW lore.
Yes we had to deal with the Emperor (Tenebraw, Valkorian, Vitiate) finally but nearly totally eliminating factions in MMO is not really a way to do it.
Especially when those factions are Jedi vs Sith, Empire vs Republic which are possibly the most noteworthy in sci-fi World history.

I hope the expansion is good, and for me personally would have preferred to pay extra and get more quality.

Well done to the SWTOR team.
Many thought this would never happen. After Ossus and the success it had I was sure it would.
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