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04.14.2019 , 12:28 AM | #22
I'm cautiously intrigued and hopeful.

I didn't choose "saboteur" for my characters in JUS, but I hope that there are distinctive results in Onslaught for characters who are saboteurs. I'm glad that the JUS prologue is continuing and expanding, although I'll miss Ossus being used for more story. I'm not at all excited about involving a shipyard on Corellia (been there, seen similar). But, that seems to be just a part of the Onslaught story, not the whole thing, so okay. I like the image of Tau versus Malgus. I'm hoping it isn't another situation of killing off those characters. Although, for Force users "killing" doesn't seem to take like it does for mere mortals. Nice to see Onslaught providing solo and group content. Hopefully, PvP and GSF will get Onslaught-related content not long after 6.0.

I think you all did a good job of a relatively quick turning of the SWTOR story back to Imp versus Pub. I'm not a Kotxx fan, and kept most of my characters out of it. I did do JUS on some of my characters, and I enjoyed it.