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A few points..
For Takedown... Replacing Snipe > Snipe > FT by Snipe > TD > FT Is a DPS increase. You lose a single Snipe in a full SV rotation and replace three with TD... Three TD do more damage than four Snipe.
Doing an extra Snipe every Ambush CD is a waste of GCD.... Every SV window you have 5 fillers avaible. Two are for Corrosive Darts. One is for Snipe (or Trauma debuff if needed for the raid). The last ones are for energy regen....
Every three SV window, Adre Probe will be back up. For this one ignore all your energy management and use Snipe instead of managing your energy.
Target Acquired.. Use it ONLY inside SV Volley... The extra alacrity will make it comes back up faster (well.. If my assumption about alacrity is true.. If CD aren't constantly adjusted as alacrity changes.. my Slinger isn't lvl 57 )... When you use it, you can replace an auto attack with Snipe.
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