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I seriously think you've got it wrong about Stroke of Genius. The burst it gives on every second pair of snipes is great. It does take practice to use and I use it before my second snipe rather then my first as it's easier on the muscle memory.

You gave it a 1/10 PvE but it deserves much higher.

A player should be changing utilities to best match their fight but those 1.5 seconds you shave off every rotation using Stroke of Genius do add up.
That's wrong. Instant GCD Snipes don't really make a difference since Snipe is on 1.5 second cast anyway. As I said, it is not a DPS increase. It's an APM gain. I understand that you think I am undervaluing the utility Stroke of Genius, but realistically, I'm really not. Stroke of Genius serves to add ability clutter by being reliant on Cover Pulse. I will absolutely never use this ability nor will I complicate my flow of rotations. Snap Shot is honestly a better alternative here, and I rather use Cover Pulse for something else. Having both would be an instant death sentence.

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Regarding stats, I'll note that in theory it could make sense for marksmanship to take some Aim instead of Cunning. The only ability Aim doesn't benefit is Corrosive Dart, and it will provide more ranged crit chance per point than Cunning because of the rapidly diminishing returns to crit chance from mainstat.
I don't think stacking Aim would be ideal here. I did see this discussion before that Aim could be a potential stat to go to, but to be honest, I rather put the stats in Surge, Critical, Alacrity, etc.

Feel free to theorycraft your own thoughts. I'm skeptical that Aim would benefit Marksmanship though.

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Whats with the a,b,c,d with alacrity? Is that gear tier based?
Those are alternatives in terms of how much alacrity you should take. In this case, I offer four ways for you to take how much alacrity you can have for a Marksmanship sniper.

When I get a chance to gear my Sniper, I will trim down to which way is the best for a Sniper to take.
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