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02.16.2020 , 11:49 PM | #14
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I was talking in terms, that the people who kicked the person were friends, teaming up to kick players they do not like. Not people I would consider a friend.
Fair enough, my mistake.

Quote: Originally Posted by Beyrahl View Post
You extend even better on this idea, though it's just one part of the problem. The more the people realize it's a problem the better solutions as a community we can come up with. While yes someone AFKs into games, I feel like they should be punished for such a thing, we at least have their name and can report them for constantly reoffending. As currently, we don't have a clue who they are or if it was coordinated, even with a ton of coincidences that make it look like it was.
Knowing who they are is good I suppose, but only if Bioware takes decisive action based on credible reports. It seems as though things have been better on that front since Mike B took over, but I'm not sure we want to rely on that. It would be better if it was as autonomous as possible.