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One wonders why such people are still considered "friends."
I was talking in terms, that the people who kicked the person were friends, teaming up to kick players they do not like. Not people I would consider a friend.

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What about people that miss pops because they're afk? What you're suggesting is the way it worked before, and I remember plenty of afk leavers back in sesaon 1 when people were forced into the matches. I know cross-role backfills suck, but I think it's better than a 3v4.

There's perhaps a hybrid solution, which is when you get a pop, you get a ready screen like they have for flashpoints, except you can't see who the other players are. If everyone readies up, the match starts. If someone is afk or declines at that point, the match won't start and no one loses anything. Maybe that could still be abused in some way, or just used to troll the queue by declining constantly, but I think it would be better than what we have now.
You extend even better on this idea, though it's just one part of the problem. The more the people realize it's a problem the better solutions as a community we can come up with. While yes someone AFKs into games, I feel like they should be punished for such a thing, we at least have their name and can report them for constantly reoffending. As currently, we don't have a clue who they are or if it was coordinated, even with a ton of coincidences that make it look like it was.