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02.16.2020 , 10:19 AM | #12
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Maybe try learning how to play the game in regs, ranked isn't for you to waste others time while you learn basic game mechanics. If you're getting kicked its probably because you either suck or someone actually doesn't like you, but since it happens all the time I would say its because you suck. Take a moment to look at it from the ranked players view, a match starts with 7 good players and 1 troll. whichever team gets that troll will most likely lose, then they kick you. New players should be learning how to play the game before queueing.
The vote kick system should not be removed, tho a gate should be added to prevent total noobs from queueing into ranked.

Bottom line: your issue will be solved if you get good.
People like you are the reason ranked queue is dead. You're probably not even that good.