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Its a broken spec/class i play a marauder and in time it will get toned down plain and simple maybe not soon but it will doing damage like this with this class there is no skill involed look at the rest of the specs and classes many dont even come close so what does that tell you??
It tells me that the vast majority of people on this game fall into a combination of these categories:

1.) Their gear is either flat out not as good, or it is not as optimized as mine is. It took the equivalent of gearing 3 toons in full war hero or just slightly less than that to get all my mods/enhancements.

2.) They simply lack the skill and/or experience. Valor Rank 97, especially considering most of that was earned (lvl 70) before they nerfed the rate at which it goes up, is pretty nuts to get to. I started PvPing after I had mastered my class at PvE and had all content on farm and grew bored with it. So considering that I had put in a couple thousand hours of PvE before I even started doign PvP, and now I am @ VR 97.. you get the idea. I've also been playing MMOs for over 10 years, whereas for many SWTOR players this is their first MMO.

They don't do the following:

3.) They don't do all those extra little things that can make or break a match. Swapping targets between GCDs to throw an interrupt on a healer, then swapping back to finish your current target without losing a GCD. Always calling out incomings, disabling healers when possible and focusing them, marking them. Constantly being aware of whats going on in other places on the battle field. One glance at west or east in Novarre can spot an incoming which if not called out can cause you to lose the game.

3.) Playing perfect. Playing a perfect game with no errors in my ability priorities. This rarely if ever happens, but I always strive for it. Getting off a Smash on at least 2 people every time it is up, and having every smash be an auto crit + 4 stack smash. Mega has commented similarly in his posts, when other marauders ask him what he does to achieve such great numbers consistently: As soon as you smash, your #1 priority is to build 4 stacks of shockwave and get your auto crit ready. AFTER that is done you worry about other things like spamming vicious slash to remove the cooldown.

4.) Making sure that your force crushes and chokes go onto players with high hp. If you don't get a 4 stack, you may as well not have even cast that ability. Being able to swap to a new target when yours is sub 50%, toss your force crush on them, then go back to killing your current target.

5.) Intercepting passes in huttball with charge or obliterate. Using aoe fear on key targets/groups to assist your team (for example, if I see a PT or Assassin trying to set up an defensive pull on my teams ball carrier into the fire, I drop everything and try to disable them to assist my teammate).

6.) Throwing out obfuscate consistently on high priority scary dps targets, especially when they are on a healer that is low, or doing a force choke on a dps that almost has one of my healers down. It's not enough to just kill people on the other team; when your healer gets in trouble, it's your responsibility to help them out in any way that you can. I'd also like to mention that the numbers in this game would never have been possible, not even remotely so, without Ravinder healing me on his sorc. He was our only healer on our team in that game, and he doubled the next highest heals on the opposing team. If I was a Jugg, that would mean taunting high priority dps targest instead when they get on healers.

I could go on and on. How many marauders do you know that could even list these kinds of things off the top of their head, much less perform in this manner regularly? Very very few. Claiming that this class/spec requires no skill is simply silly. If it really did require no skill, then why is it that I can count the number of marauders / sentinels on Shadowlands that can come even remotely close to my stats on one hand? Certainly there is no shortage of warriors, and most of them are in full war hero, so why do they consistently do 1/2 or less of my dps? Skill, knowledge, knowing your enemy, these are what make a good PvPer, not "LOLICANSMASHHURRRR".

Finally, yes, other classes can put out these kinds of numbers. I know Pyrotechs that have put out more than this, and their dps is single target. They are typically right with me on damage done in warzones. Snipers also put out excellent dps when played correctly and in the right team composition. One pyrotech that you probably all know has an all time high of 1,065,000, almost 65k more than my screenshot here, and that is single target.

Quote: Originally Posted by Szopu View Post
Congrats! What pains me is that not many people can admit that what you did was actually impresive and the majority will just whine about marauders being overpowered. Yes, marauders hit hard, we know that. So do juggs, so do powertechs. But how many of those can claim 1mln damage? ... Exactly.

Don't let people bring you down man. What you did is certainly impressive. And it's coming from your favourite target - sorcerer healer
Thank you for understanding. Haters gonna hate after all, but I can't help defending my class when ignorant people make posts like the guy above. Sorc healers are no longer my fav target now due to bubble stuns, but I'm forced to focus them nonetheless because if I don't nothing gets done on my team =(. If only they were all pure healing... ah those were the days.
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