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Pods are quite nice while I'm able to use them, but they run out of ammo far too quickly, and though ammo isn't as big of a problem with Clusters, even Double Volley doesn't put out a lot of damage. So I'm content to make my secondaries more about utility than raw damage.

To that end, I'm curious about Plasma Warheads on both Pods and Clusters. Does the damage over time do anything to stop shield regen? That's my biggest problem in dealing with Strike Fighters, is overcoming their Quick-Charge Shields and getting to their Hull. Bombers and Gunships I don't have too much problem with, either secondary works well against them (though I favor Pods for Gunships since it gives them less time to boost away), but I still have problems against Strike Fighters as a Flashfire,with either secondary or just about any laser, Burst included. I've fully upgraded Rapids, Lights and Bursts at this point, and while Bursts have their moments, I still favor Rapids for their consistency and ease of use (easy to aim, big firing arc, less power drain even with Freq Capacitor).

I need some way of overcoming their Quick-Charge shields and preventing them from regenerating so quickly, hence why I'm asking about Plasma Warheads. Does the dot do anything to prevent shield regen?
Hey Loads in this thread we explored some stuff we could finally test easily using the Custom games. One of the things we tested was which damage over time effects stop shield regeneration, or rather put the shields into regen delay anyways.

While many dots do trigger the shield regeneration delay what makes Quick Charge shield so powerful is that it has innate regeneration during that delay unlike most other shields. This means that even if they do take damage and their delay is triggered, they'll continue regenerating shields just at a slower pace. There is a tier 3 upgrade on Quick charge shield that further enhances this effect by giving them even more regeneration when they're in their delay. Quick charge shield also has a powerful activated ability that not only gives back a decent chunk of shields when activated but improves shields regeneration for 4 seconds in both the delay and no delay regeneration cycles of the ship.

What I'm trying to get at with all this text is that while using a utility dot to stop shields from regenerating can be a good choice, it is a very poor choice vs Quick Charge shields since that's exactly what they are good at countering.

To actually counter Quick Charge shields what you want is high burst damage, since it's actual maximum shields are much lower then other shields. You want do deal as much damage as you can in a short window.

I hope that helps and if you need more information on how shield power works you can find that in my Power management guide here.
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