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2) You need a total of 28 of the various forgotten items, which sell for well above 100 mil credits on GTN. How easy is it to collect these the old fashioned way in game play? How many drop at a time, and where do they drop?
3 drops per boss in Gods Nightmare which is quite a difficult operation, if you are a decent raider you will be able to clear at least the first two and if you progress a bit with a good group the other three shouldn't be too much of an issue. After a full run you have 15ish with a bit of variation so might take a bit to just farm so you get the specific ones you need, due to the rng in which drops.

That said, unless you are aiming to do really difficult content, got lots of credits over or just want to craft for fun, don't bother getting and especially don't craft 258 gear cause with 6.0 you will get better gear easy.

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