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I'm working on a spreadsheet to find out how much it takes to build a complete 14 piece set of legendary gear, and have a few questions:

1) You need 94 ancient tomes, which cost 100K plus 65 relics of Ossus each. That's a total of 6,110 of these relics plus almost 10 million credits. Is there still a weekly cap of 250 relics, plus an overall cap of 1,000? Can you buy ancient tomes during the week to keep the running total below 250 but the actual number well above that?
The weekly cap is a cap on how many you can receive, so spending them during the week won't help you go beyond that.
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3) You need 364 charged matter transubstantiators, plus an additional 56 for the augments. The price has come down on these but they are still 750K credits best price on GTN. How hard would it be to collect all 420 in game play?
It's probably not hard to collect that many. What is hard is collecting them between now and the release of 6.0, where your exercise is invalidated by the new gear system. (Bear in mind, for example, that when your character reaches level 75, the set bonus on pre-6.0 gear will no longer work *at*all*.)
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