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12.16.2011 , 08:39 AM | #1
Preface - new to MMOs and looking for build advice. Having played through the beta as a Consular/Sage, I only reinforced that this definitely fit my playstyle. I enjoy playing mage-type classes, and I always enjoy having some at-will healing abilities.

However, I'll set up a build for a Seer-type sage and feel like I'm missing out on a whole lot - there look like there are some really fun abilities that I'm missing in the other trees (of course this is by design). I'm interested in a build that gives me a bit more of a taste of some of these other trees, but I don't want to gimp my healing too too much.

What I originally had set up as a build was something that looked like this (planning PvE):

What I'm thinking about changing it too is something like this:

I figure this gives me full access to the Rejuvenate/Conveyance/Resplendence/etc. loop and access to some useful TK, although at the expense of an AoE heal. I suppose my question is this - is the loss of the top-level AoE heal worth it? Am I jack-of-all-trading here at the expense of mastery-of-one?