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I've haven't done conquest for a extremely long time .
tried it again after the change that gave you CQ for all you do like the 6.0 play it your way theme they are selling us.

One would think that doing WEEKLY
Yavin 4
Black hole

That alone would make you get too 15K conquest but No.

To me, that should be enough to have it done , running after CQ objects to me is boring since that means I'm forced to do something I might not like.
Mind you, I've been here since the start so not many things are FUN anymore.
Some weekly you can stand doing and atm it's Oooo well lets have it done.

Still, in the grand plan of it all, for me it's pointless anyhow since I use the Guild Ship as a private stronghold and there is not a snowball in hell you will ever be able to collect what you need to unlock even 1 single room
50 Blue ones for 1 Purple that means 250 Blue, if I can get my self to do 10 a week you do the math.

Buy them is not an option, last time I looked a few days ago, a Command framework was in the order of 60+ mill EACH.

All the Best
I can get to 10-11 a week through conquest, but on Satele Shan, not many people are running the commanders during the day. I have had weeks where I pull in 60+ blues in a week just from commander kills (add in the sporadic smattering of random purples as well). I have opened 10/15 in my guldship on my own of the last couple of years. I trade ones I don't need anymore for ones I do now. Just need one more command room then start in on Hangar full on.