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08.18.2019 , 06:00 PM | #1
Hey everybody, I've been "On the Fence" about a stronghold there now for a *Very.. long time but with the Layout, other Peoples Comments on that one and the $Price$ for it considering those issues I'm really not sure. It's a definite Lore heavy set and now with 2 Jedi it seems most appropriate. For now *Atleast, there are really alot of Deco's on the CM to get it started off right so it doesnt start off as a giant empty warehouse (like my 1st one did, depressing). With 6.0 right around the corner many of those decos will be moved down maybe out so time is *Limited for a good start. The Only parts I care about for now are the Balcony (not really but its required as starting point), the big pit, ship dock and outside landing pad. What do you all think? worth it or not?