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I'm not Keith, but I'll hop in on this one!

You're definitely right - our goal was absolutely to encourage Open World PvP on Iokath. One of our main motivations for including stuff like playable vehicles and Op bosses and Player loot was to make PvP on Iokath a unique and interesting experience compared to Outlaw's Den or Ilum. And, yeah, it just doesn't seem to have grabbed folks' interest.

I don't think that forcing Players to participate in PvP is the answer - SWTOR just isn't that kind of game - so we need to look elsewhere for solutions. Presumably better incentives would be a great way to start, but I'd love to hear your thoughts (and everyone else's) on the subject. In the coming weeks one of the discussion topics we will make is on this very topic!
When I say forcing, I don't mean players should be pulled in from other parts of the game. Do consider the discussion I had with Caisarabbit earlier in this thread, where I suggested that players with the purple story mission get PvP-immunity, the Operation be given a separate entrance point from Odessen or the Gravestone, and the Iokath Dailies be marked as red missions like the Gree Event dailies. With all of that done, Iokath could be converted into a place like Outlaw's Den where Ops group sized PvP is allowed. This wouldn't be forcing players to PvP, as they came on the planet by choice to progress an explicitly red mission, and the ones who came for other missions would be given backups like I said earlier.

The only people who get the short end of the stick here would be crafters.... I've heard Iokath is the only place giving the highest tier mats right now. That'd need a change.

If the above "forcing" isn't an option you'd like to consider, there are other ways. The ADDITION of objectives that directly relate to PvP could be the first. Not just "kill a player to get loot, that you can only use to kill more players". Give dead players a chance of dropping UCs, Command Crates and Warzone Crafting Lockboxes. Add certain missions that can only be progressed in the PvP instance. Maybe this option works better the previous one? Let PvErs progress all currentl existing dailies on the PvE instance, and let crafters craft, and story-goers do their story. ADD red missions that are only progressed in the PvP instance. In my opinion red missions worked out really well in the Gree Event dailies. Just having two of those missions makes the planet so much more active in OWPvP, the only downside is that it forces small groups on you. Simply adding red missions to the existing Iokath lineup will encourage OWPvP, while still allowing players to stay as far away from PvP as possible if they'd so like it.

Finally, consider moving the regions and the NPC density a bit. The way it is right now, Imps and Pubs are in separate Imp controlled and Pub controlled regions, even when they're inside the "Contested" area. The west half of the map has really dense concentrations of base-defender level Pub NPCs, and the east half has a really dense concentration of Imp defenders. Lowering the density, as well as forcing players to cross paths more will increase the chances of individual players meeting each other while also not getting by mobs that require a group takedown. Increased chance of meeting + increased chance of not-insta-kill -> increased chance of killing -> increased chance of loot drops -> more players come back to the PvP instance for loot drops.

I really do hope the dev team implements some of what I said, or implements SOMETHING that does a good job encouraging OWPvP. I love OWPvP a lot more than I like doing Warzones and Arenas, and I would really like it to make a comeback.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I am aware that PvP already has rewards on Iokath. However:

1. It comes through killing for the sake of killing. Objective based PvP such as base conquest and turret control and superweapon access and whatnot will make the killing be a struggle towards a proper, real objective, instead of just killing for the sake of it.
2. It only rewards Iokath currency. Players want UCs, Command XP and crates, cosmetic gear, credits, and so much more.
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