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Then they will have to take that planet off the rotation in the command box. It pops up, after you have done the story, to go and do a daily there for cxp points. I skip it as there is nothing on that vendor I care about collecting shards and or reput points but I have enough alts that I can run through the story and get max on the reputation.
Or they could mark the Iokath Daily Missions red, and put the "You have to travel to a PvP instance to progress this quest" message, like they do for the two PvP dailies in the Gree Event.

I don't see why they should remove that from the Command Box at all, it's a valid way to get command points, and players who both PvE and PvP (like myself) would like to see Iokath on the list. As long as it's marked red, anyone who wants to avoid PvP can continue doing so freely.
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