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Okay, but they advertised the world as a PvP world. And it has 0 PvP on it. Literally nothing except organized PvP ever happens on it. PvPers want ONE planet where they can regularly go for objective-based OWPvP with its own rewards, story players and PvErs have literally every other planet in the entire game. They can easily make the simple restriction that anyone who has the purple mission gets their own PvE instance, everyone else forced onto the PvP instance, and they can make a second entry point for the VotMG Operation on Odessen or aboard the Gravestone. With that, story players can enjoy their peace, PvErs can bypass the PvP to get to their Ops, and PvPers finally get ONE planet where we do OWPvP.
Then they will have to take that planet off the rotation in the command box. It pops up, after you have done the story, to go and do a daily there for cxp points. I skip it as there is nothing on that vendor I care about collecting shards and or reput points but I have enough alts that I can run through the story and get max on the reputation.
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