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why does that happen? I've respawned on fire losing health, knocked down still getting electrical damage. Is that client side only or an actual part of the game?
You will not be charged extra for this "feature".

Been around since I've been playing (not long after release). Annoying. I stopped reporting it because it's a "known issue and they plan on addressing it in the future".

Had half health and still burning last night while in respawn room for huttball. At least I haven't been stunned lately where I am kicked from the WZ due to not being able to move from respawn (yay?!).

EDIT: And in regard to reporting the bug: The bug reporting feature will take you out of the WZ match (deserter boot) you are in if you attempt to make a bug report because the bug reporting system doesn't apparently gather useful information like what WZ you are in at the time, what time it happened, who was in the ops with you...etc.etc. I'd like to see a bug reporting feature added for bugs that have been around forever but can't be recreated where in a dropdown list you choose if you are experiencing a known bug and the bug system will automatically log the necessary info so the person reporting can click 4 or 5 times, write one line and move on with the match they are currently in. If you take the time, while in the WZ, to make a bug report it takes too long to get the info Bioware always asks for in before deserter boot. I suppose just taking a screenshot of it will allow you to refer back later to make a detailed report. Then again, even when you provide all the info that is necessary your ticket will just get deleted or get a response from some droid that item restores are not possible due to your not being eligible for the BH comms, or something stupid like that.

EDIT2 (work interruptions grrrr!): Just a random outside the box thought. I'd like some sort of in-game check that after death (more specifically once "respawn to med center" is clicked) the game quckly looks for negative effects and non-max health (pre buff since HP buffs still stupidly "remove" health when one is already at full health). If a negative effect or non full health is detected after respawn then an automatic/internal ticket is triggered with all the necessary info. Just daydreaming, I know.